Building Muscle With Explosive Reps!

Different styles of weight training such as time under tension, movement till peak contraction, and explosive style movements have been popularized by health magazines. Most people however, grasp the general concept of the training method but fail to grasp the fundamental mechanics behind them to stimulate growth and produce results.

بازی انفجار style training is one of the most vastly underrated training methods used because, I believe, not enough has been written about it for it to catch on. This is not by any standard, new knowledge but rather a refresher article written to encapsulate the vast benefits of training explosively. It involves moving a weight through a complete range of motion as quickly as possible while maintaining good form (in order to avoid injury as this kind of training can easy bring if one is not careful) then slowly bringing the weight back down to the starting position. Most people, in any style of training, seem to neglect the negative portion of the lift (that is, bringing the weight back down in a pushing movement or returning the weight to the starting position in a pulling movement). Adding these small variations to your training can help you either further increase your muscle gains or spark new growth if you’ve found yourself stagnating. All done while either keeping the same weight or using a lighter or heavier weight. The point is to maximize results from the same amount of effort.


    • Moving the weight – As quickly as possible, without sacrificing form, through a full range of motion allows all muscle fibers to fire from the start instead of sequentially. Thus, you end up getting more tears in muscle fiber by the end to spark new growth


    • Plateau breaker – So many people get stuck in the same routine and wonder why they stop progressing. Apply this principle effectively and watch your lifts increase!


    • Lighter weights, More results – Lighter weights will seem heavier to you when moving it as fast as you can, but changing up your routine will create results. This also reduces chance of injury.


    • Injury time – Moving heavy weight all the time is not sustainable, especially when lifting 5-7 days a week. Lower weight means you can still train if you’re getting over an injury but can’t resist the gym


    • New growth – It is easy to become comfortable in a program you’ve been using for weeks because you’ve initially gained results from it. However it is equally easy to become despondent when you’re not seeing results and then blame genetics or any other factor besides your now ‘comfortable’ training style. Change it up! Slight tweaks like these make all the difference if what you were doing was working for you and you don’t really feel like switching to an entirely new program.


  • New is better — and fun! – If you’ve caught yourself just ‘going through the motions’ at the gym, adopt explosive style training. Not only is it fun to do but it keeps things interesting for you.


These are just a few of the appealing benefits to explosive training, which can be utilized by the advanced all the way through to the novice trainer.